Our mission

To develop the most advanced neuroscience tools on the market, while preserving ease of use and science-driven customization.

SpikeGadgets is trying something new. Our hybrid approach is to design and sell powerful hardware that interfaces with an open-source software platform supported by a large community of scientists and developers. Our goal is to support the efforts of the open-source community in a commercially-sustainable way.


Mattias Karlsson

Co-founder, SpikeGadgets, LLC

Software engineer, scientist, customer support

Magnus Karlsson

Co-founder, SpikeGadgets, LLC

Lead hardware engineer

Maxim Borius

SpikeGadgets, LLC

Mechanical and hardware engineer

Maris Kali

SpikeGadgets, LLC

Software Engineer

Kevin Wang

SpikeGadgets, LLC

Software Engineer

Collaborators and Contributors

Loren Frank

Professor, UCSF Center for Integrative Neuroscience

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Major developer for Trodes. Contributed to the inter-process communication protocol and online closed-loop processing features, and has helped guide the general architecture of Trodes.

Daniel Liu

Trodes development

Tom Davidson

Trodes development

Demetris Roumis

System testing

Anna Gillespie

System testing

Jason Chung

System testing

Shantanu Jadhav

Asst. Professor, Brandeis University

Supported the development of offline data analysis pipeline.

Ryan Young

Analysis development

Alla Karpova

Group Leader, Janelia Research Campus

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Supported the development of Trodes and StateScript from the start, focusing on closed-loop neural feedback and high-throughput behavioral control.

Andy Lustig

StateScript development

Caleb Kemere

Asst. Professor, Rice University Electrical and Computer Engineering

Major developer for Trodes. Created the original backbone of Trodes and has contributed to features such as ripple detection, input sources, and stream display.

Shayok Dutta

Trodes development

Anatol Kreitzer

Associate Professor, Gladstone Institutes of Neurological Disease

Supported the development of StateScript from its infancy, guiding development for high-throughput behavioral control.

Chris Donahue

StateScript testing

Scott Owen

StateScript testing

System Beta Testers

Hillel Adesnik

UC Berkeley

Frederic Ambroggi

Aix-Marseille University

David Dickman

Baylor College of Medicine

Yadong Huang

Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease

Bijan Pesaran


Matt Smear

University of Oregon