Horizontal Headstage 128ch with Datalogger

4 week lead

The HH128 headstage amplifies and digitizes 128 neural channels and either sends data to the MCU (tethered mode) or logs it directly to a microSD card on the headstage (untethered mode). It is oriented horizontally, which means that the weight is distributed as low to the animal as possible. This headstage is intended to be left on the animal in between recording sessions, which makes daily plugging and unplugging (with micro HDMI connector) easy. It also contains an integrated 9-axis motion sensor and radio receiver.

This innovative headstage has it all!
HH128Pinout.pdf SD Card File Transfer Tools Version without processor (HH128np) System Manual Demo Video With EIB See quote


Channel count 128
Connectors to electrode array Two 70-pin Hirose DF40 connectors
Sampling rate 30 kHz
Input range ± 5 mV
Bit depth 16-bit
Data logging Full data-rate broadband data, 135 minutes on 64 Gb card
Sensors 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro, 3-axis magnetometer
Dimensions 35mm ✕ 22mm (footprint); 16.5mm height
Weight 9.2 grams
Price $7,000